Video Guidelines

Video Guidelines


Upload only videos you created yourself:

1. You must own or hold all necessary rights (copyrights, etc.) to your video.
2. “So-and-so gave me permission” does not mean you created it.
3. You can upload videos that you appear in or helped create (as director, DP, editor, musician, motion graphics artist, actor, etc.) as long as you have the necessary permissions from the copyright holders.
4. Please add your role in the video description to avoid deletion.

You cannot upload certain types of content:

1. No rips of movies, music, television, or any other third party copyrighted material. Read more about copyright and fair use.
2. No sexually explicit material or pornography. (Artistic and non-sexual nudity is allowed.
3. No videos that are hateful, harass others, violate someone's privacy, or include defamatory or discriminatory speech.
4. No videos that depict or promote violent activity, extreme or real-life violence, self-harm, or cruelty toward animals.


Violations of any ToToAds Guidelines may lead to the removal of your videos and/or your ToToAds account. Learn how to report a violation.
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