Review: Pamu Quiet Mini ANC TWS Wireless Earbuds - Should You Buy Them?

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 Just smaller and affordable.
Continuing the headset design of Pamu Quiet, this time we will launch a more portable and compact ANC wireless Bluetooth earbuds - Pamu Quiet MINI to give users more choices.

We have made further functional upgrades to this mini version on the basis of Pamu Quiet and want to offer the best experience in more scenarios.

Key features:
l Dual noise sensor tech for immersing in our music world.-ANC Performance is upto -40dB in the bass band from 180hz-400hz.
l Pamu App EQ setting Transparency, Gaming mode setting, ANC adjustment models.
l Specially designed enhanced drivers catering to all music-lovers, even audiophiles. 
l No Stethoscope effect tech for letting us feel there's nothing in our ears when we are wearing Pamu quiet mini. 

·Bluetooth 5.2.
·Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation, reduce noise up to 40dB
·Gaming mode, Low latency mode
·In-App firmware update and customization to key functions
·Dual Master, simultaneous transmission of both ears, both of them can be used separately
·Compatible with Qi-certified wireless chargers

Welcome to the review of the Pamu Quiet Mini 

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Feb 04, 2021
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