Top/Best Zambian Music Videos 2019 - Episode 3 - In'utu J. Mubanga - ZAMBIAN YOUTUBER

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This video is about the Top/Best Zambian Music Videos 2019. The videos I mention - 1. Forever - Cleo Ice Queen Ft. Jah Prayzah Directed by Lo 2.. Dirty - Waj Ft. Kaladoshas Directed by Ashtrey 3. Mtoto - Godion Ft. T Low Directed by Lo 4. I Forgive You - Bobby East Ft. Macky 2 - Directed by Qbick - The Visual Papi. 5. Lwendo Lwa Mgumu - Mumba Yachi Directed by Lo 6. Fwenkula - Petersen Zagaze by Edward Japi 7. No Retreat No Surrender - Vokano Directed Southern Africa Philmz 8. Mwanjimya- Deborah Mambo Directed btmy Big Deal Graphix 9. Beautiful- Roberto Directed by Roberto, K Blaze & ERT 10. You Deserve- Ariel Ft. Chawana - Directed by Reddot. 11. Squeeze my Lemon- Mumba Yachi Directed by Fortress Media 12. Why - Rexious Ft. Bobby East Directed by Pro 13. Kontolola - Drinz Ft. Izreal - Directed by Qbick - Mwenya 14. In Choir- Jay Rox Ft. Dice & Odie The Poet Directed by Eric Mule 15. Everything- Manase Directed by Verb 16. Ameno Mafupa - Mumba Ft. The Immortals Band- Directed by The Visual Papi. 17. Pressure Free- Jemax Directed by Kabovelo 18. Pepe - OC Ft. Eddy Krnzo Directed by Dang Films 19. Don’t Delay- Rich Bizzy Ft. B2C - Directed by Director Pest 20. ECZ - Chuzhe Int Directed by Tarsy 21. Kamba Ka Love - Daev Directed by Emmanuel Chilala & Lo 22. Semeki - KRYTIC - Directed by LawDak Welcome to my channel. Support the growth of this channel by donating via my PAYPAL link - (So I can make even better quality content.) Make sure you subscribe (It's FREE) and share my videos with everyone you know. Watch my latest upload here - Connect and chat with me via: Instagram - TWITTER - For Business Inquiries (ONLY) - - (Very PR friendly).
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Dec 26, 2019
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