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Cleaning the beach also improves the coastal and ocean ecosystem by making sure that none of the trash kills marine life or is toxic enough to disrupt the marine life cycle.

How do Beach Clean-ups Help?

Think of the beach as a bridge between the land and marine environment. It’s a critical biodiversity area. Cleaning our beaches is a step towards cleaning our oceans.

There are also economic benefits to cleaning our beaches. Coastal and marine waters support over 28 million jobs.Beaches are top tourist destinations generating all tourism venues. When polluted beaches happen, they do not only result to a high increase of illnesses among the local population, but they also hurt the local economy. 

Beach clean-ups are also a learning opportunity for citizens. There’s a major difference between seeing photos of plastic pollution online and witnessing it on an actual beach. It makes one think about the impact of the non-biodegradable stuff that we are using and how it’s affecting the environment.

So let's clean up the beach together.

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Nov 04, 2019
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