1hr Theta Binaural Beat Session

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What's cool about theta brain waves is the fact that they allow you to connect with your "subconscious mind." The subconscious mind is the place where all experiences, long-term memories, natural creativity, powerful emotions, spiritual connections, and inspiration are all stored. Think of the "subconscious mind" as one big, infinite storage space for "everything" in your life. The theta brain waves are extremely helpful for healing the body of injury and the mind of diseased-states.

--------------Benefits of increasing theta brainwaves----------

•Deep levels of relaxation
•Bridges the spiritual connection
•O.O.B.E. , Astral Projection, Esp, Other related phenomenon
•Advanced intuition
•Subconscious connection
•Ability to program subconscious mind
•Emotional connection
•Peak levels of creativity
•Advanced problem solving skills
•Large boost in learning ability
•Improved long-term memory
•Ability to hyperfocus
•Lower anxiety, stress, and neurosis
•Healing of body and mind

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Mar 29, 2020
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