What happened on Halloween night

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On Halloween night Fifi hears noises downstairs while playing games on her new mobile phone. She calls her mum who's upstairs and she goes to join her mum. Her mum is watching The Morningstar kids on Youtube. She starts watching with her mum and starts hearing noises again. She asks her mum to get her a glass of water and when her mum goes to get water Fifi gets kidnapped by the purple skeleton.
When her mum comes back with a glass of water she doesn't see Fifi. She sits down and carries on watching The Morningstar kids on Youtube. Soon after Fifi wakes up from what appeared to be a bad dream. Fifi's mum jokes with her and the carryon watching The Morningstar kid. Slowly as they're watching you get a glimpse of the purple skeleton. 

Happy Halloween
Thanks to you all for supporting me ,I love you xoxo

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Nov 03, 2019
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