Welcoming The Judges for Malaysia Junior Got Talent AGLOW Art Festival 2019 | I Am The Little Emcee

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Here’s the very important group of people, our Judges.
1) Our very famous LOCAL ARTIST, with multi-talents, mastered in WUSHU, BREAK DANCE, PARKOUR and also an international ACTOR in local and even in CHINA dramas. MICHAEL CHIN!!!
SH: Chinese第1位是曾经赢取马来西亚武术及街舞比赛冠军荣誉的知名电视演员陈逸豪先生。
2)Another very famous beautiful & elegant LOCAL ARTIST, Wei Xiao Bao 韦小宝 - Actress , DJ, Singer
3) The Malaysia Youngest Fashion Designer, Amelia Lee! 
第3位是今年只有11岁但2年前已经荣夺马来西亚记录大全最服装设计师奖项的Amelia Lee李紫媛。
4) Dolhadi Uprising recording artist in Mosaic Entertainment and finalist for Asia Got Talent 2018
最后一位是来自Mosaiz Entertainment旗下歌手,曾经参加Asia Got Talent并进入决赛圈之选手,有请Fara Dolhadi Up Raising。

Alexander Kok is so lucky and proud being one of the little Emcee for this extravaganza AGLOW Art Festival 2019 hosting for Malaysia Junior Got Talent Competition - with his 2 beautiful partners Shu Hui & Emcee Yeng Yeng.

Perhaps his interest & passion in acting, he do tried out different kinds of activities to gain more experience and exposure along his dream to be an actor. ????

"Emcee is kind of fun too", he said!

AGLOW Arts Festival 2019 Top 16 hosts are selected from 180 talented kids - Alexander Kok is really really really ...honoured to be one of them.

They host the event at Sunway Velocity Mall Main Atrium from September 14-16 September 2019. 

This free hosting exercise build self-confidence and accumulate experience on stage through art learning. Kids shine like stars on the stage!

从180位小朋友里挑选出的 Top 16 小小主持人,他们将会在9月14日-16日于 Sunway Velocity Mall Main Atrium 担任 AGLOW Arts Festival 活动主持人 ????


AGLOW ARTS FESTIVAL 2019 绽放马来西亚艺术节

这个周末,不妨就到“ AGLOW ARTS FESTIVAL 2019 绽放马来西亚艺术节 ”看看吧! 一连三天,9月14日 -16日,地点在 Sunway Velocity Mall 大楼广场。

现场不间断演出,包括 :各类舞蹈,音乐表演,魔术,和手工工作坊等等,还会有本地艺人呈献音乐剧,和乐龄人士的精彩口琴演出!特别的是, 从180位里挑选出的 16 位 小朋友 会是艺术节的小小主持人哦~

“AGLOW – Malaysia Performing Arts Festival 2019” is founded by Noelle Nah. Noelle, she was a professional dancer and now an Emcee who works on the stage for more than 20 years, she sees there are huge potentials to be explore in both arts and performing art that could inspire and providing a positive influence to our next generations. 

The festival is name as “AGLOW”, we wish that Malaysia Performing Art could glow and shine within Malaysia and international. Apart of creating a platform for performing artists, we want the younger talents to use this platform to gain more experience and bring our performing art towards international standards. 

“AGLOW” also means acceptance and recognize of the talents and arts of an artist, and can be known by nationwide. We also wish to give more opportunities and experience to newer generation who love Malaysia arts , and so that they will could lead our Malaysia Arts toward an international level in the near future.


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Sep 23, 2019
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