Treasure X Kings Gold: Aliens vs Kings Unboxing

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Follow Bryan from Toys School in his all new galactic quest for real gems with Treasure X Kings Gold – Aliens Vs Kings. This ultimate surprise toy review- treasure x aliens vs kings has guaranteed real gem treasure in every treasure x aliens vs kings pack! These gems are actually known as ‘peridots’. Some of which have been found in Meteorites. Therefore, this gem could actually be from outer space!
With 24 levels of adventure, kids can embark on 3 treasure x aliens vs kings quests: Alien Quest, Treasure Hunter Quest and Mini Beast Quest. There are 3 exclusive Rare Crystal Finish Kings Gold hunters (Pharoah Loot Loot, Goldblade, Gold Fin), 3 exclusive Alien hunters (Stinkdome, Sergeant Stun, X-face) and 3 exclusive mini beasts (Golrab, Wixers, Poisane) to collect in this pack.
In this video, Bryan completed the treasure x aliens vs kings unboxing review, the first Alien Quest by using the special X-tool to dissect the Alien and save the hunters from the gooey, slimy ooze filled alien belly! Nothing could beat the satisfaction and fun of squeezing Alien head and seeing green sticky slime oozes out from Alien teeth and nostrils!
In the Treasure X Kings Gold quest, Bryan again found joy in using special Kings Gold tool to smash through wooden plank covering the tomb and to dig the hunter and mini beast out of magic blue rock! Bryan found the key this time and opened the treasure chest to retrieve one of the rare crystal finish treasure too (Super Speed, Warrior Skull, Legendary Language, TrophyHead, Limitless Lungs, Fearsome Fugu).
Will Bryan be able to save the treasure hunter in the treasure x aliens vs kings review? Which treasure x kings gold hunter figures will Bryan found? Watch the full Toys School video and find out! 
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Unboxing Treasure X Kings Gold – Did Bryan find real gold?
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Sep 23, 2019
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