The FUNNIEST VIDEO. Lilly Hamster Superstar POOPED during her PARTY. Lots of fun guaranteed!

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Lilly Hamster Superstar is having a PARTY with Elsa from FROZEN, Our GENERATION DOLLS and Baby.
She goes shopping for food and sweeties so her friends have plenty to eat.

Lilly finds a cookie in the shop and eats it without paying for it. When the shop assistant tries to take the cookie away she gets angry and does not let go.
Lilly comes home and eats some more food until she falls ill and starts FARTING uncontrollably. She is worried that she will not make it to the toilet and ends up pooping on the chairs at her PARTY.

Lilly is super embarrassed and rushes to the toilet with some more FARTING and POOPING on the way. This video is super cool and fun for all the family.
Watch it and you will not be disappointed. 
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Jan 05, 2020
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