Shopkins Mystery MINI Basket, Cabbage Patch Kids Little Sprouts / Toy Opening

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Today we are opening up Shopkins Mystery MINI basket packs Season 12, Cabbage Patch Kids Little Sprouts, Crush Yum Jiggly Pals. Shopkins Season 12 jam packs a new level of cuteness - your Fav Supermarket Brands now as Shopkins! Shopkins Real Littles brings to life iconic childhood food brands from around the world, including your fav supermarket brands such as Pringles, Welchs, Kellogg's, Reddi Wip and Skechers! Each Real Littles mini pack comes with a Real Littles Shopkins inside and there are over 50 to collect! Combine with the Mini Mega Mart playset and the Shopp'n pack for a Mini Mega shopping trip! Shopkins Real Littles are the same brands you find in the supermarkets - just made mini! But these cute items are packed full of Real Little Shopkins, Cabbage patch kids little sprouts Each cabbage patch kids little sprouts blind cabbage pack includes: 1.5″ kid figure or a 1″ baby & 0.75″ pet figure. Comes with collector guide to track and find all 120 figures! 1. 5″ kid and 1″ baby figures include articulation for sitting, Crush Yum Jiggly Pals Total 2 Pals Gummy Toy Squishy Collect. Thanks for watching my YouTube friends ???? I hope everyone has a great day or night and remember always be kind. I'm not a sub4sub channel ???? ➡️Business email only my email ⬅️ you can follow me on Instagram➡️@stacz_toychannel⬅️ #shopkinsreallittles #littlesprouts #squeeshyum #shopkins #moosetoys #toyopening #toyreview #toyunboxing #toys #blindbags #toychannel #stacztoychannel
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Mar 29, 2020
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