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As you probably already know, Fifi has been reviewing slime from jemsslimesandmore before their shop opened their doors. The online slime shop from JeMsplaytime has opened and we quickly purchased a few slimes from them. Jemsslimesandmore can be found on www.etsy/jemsslimesandmore. Fifi received another lovely and carefully packed box of slime. She got two slimes for free as part of the first 10buyers and she also received a nice pencil case with a pen. She received a lovely first buyer certificate which was very sweet and thoughtful. And the thank you card with the surprise in it was the best! Fifi and Kyrian play with the slime and give it their honest review. They rated most of the slime a 10 out of 10 because the textures were great, the scents were fantastic and the slime that was slightly sticky which can happen was nicely fixed with the borax provided by jemsslimesandmore. This slime shop is very dedicated to perfection great presentation, great products and a fantastic customer care. We will definitely be buying more slimes from jemsslimesandmore as when their box arrives it makes everyone very happy and exited. We would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to JeMsplaytime and jemsslimesandmore for believeing in us and for giving us an opportunity to review their slimes. Many other shops and companies said no to us because our channel isn't big and also for some other reasons we prefer not to mention but JeMsplaytime just picked us without any hesitations and we will always be grateful to them. If you want to get your hands on their great slime please visit their slime shop on, type jemsslimesandmore and you can scroll though and purchase great slime. Also don't forget to give them a follow on instagram : @JeMs Playtime @jemsslimesandmore and subscribe to their youtube channel: JeMsplaytime because they have great content. Thank to everyone who supports us.We love you all. Editing software: Movaviplus Music: www.bensound and SoundsCrate
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Jun 13, 2020
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