Nickelodeon Diy Slime Kit|Testing

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Hi guys, Welcome to another video. Now that we are in isolation from the covid-19 we decided to give Fifi's channel some much deserved love. I hope you are all following the safety guidelines and keep you and your families safe. So Fifi tested the nickelodeon dit slime kit. It was a total hit as the slime came out very well and Fifi had so much fun making it. The Nickelodeon diy slime kit has enough slime& activator to make plenty of slime.This kit is affordable and good for rainy days and or small parties:) Get yours at any b&m store and have fun. Thanks so much for your continue support. We wouldn't have grown to 1K if it wasn't for you. We love you. Fifi's Slime and Cooking World is a child friendly channel, we are permanent supporters and we support everyone who genuinely supports us back. xoxo Created with Movavi Video Editor Plus Music: youtube free music
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Mar 23, 2020
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