KIDS FUN trip to the Aquarium! With Fish, SHARKS, Sting-Rays, Turtles, Finding NEMO, DORY and More!

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Hi Guys!
Today the Three Beans are out on a fun trip and family day out to see the fishes at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth! The National Marine Aquarium is the UK's Biggest and (quite possibly) Best Aquarium!
They had so much fun seeing a giant Whale, spotting Star-Fish, Sting-Rays, Jelly-Fish, Baby Sharks, a Giant Sea Turtle, Crabs, an Octopus and, of course, Finding Nemo and Dory! (Clown Fish and Blue Tangs) and many more things besides! The Rays you see in our video are actually Eagle Rays - The National Marine Aquarium is the only Aquarium in the UK to have successfully bred this type of Sting Ray. So, it wasn't just a fun trip for us, but educational for the kids too!
We hope you enjoy watching them as much as they enjoyed their visit! How many more fish can you spot?!
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Aug 22, 2019
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