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Fifi received another package of slime from JeMsplaytime to review. This time she received the following slime: *Orange mud mask.( it's a semi cloud cream ,very stretchy and is orange scented) *Rhubarb and custard slime (it smells like the famous dessert and it's glossy thick slime) *Strawberry cheesecake medley (It's a 2-pot slime and each pot contains 2 different slimes. The top pot contains the strawberry jam slime and the base container has the cheese cake batter slime) *Starburst cloud (this is a cloud swirly slime. It puffs up like cotton candy and it smells delicious. All the slimes come with : *Slime add ins *freebies *random donut charms *borax powder Jemsplaytime is highly dedicated to great presentation of their products. The slimes from Jemsslimesandmore come in perfect condition and are very well packed. All the slimes come nicely wrapped in bubble wrap to avoid breaking. The slimes are well presented in their individual plastic wallets and they have the cute logos of Jerome and Micheal on them. Jemsslimesandmore has fast delivery and their slimes have great texture and they have the best scents we have seen so far. Fifi's favourite slime from this package was the Rhubarb and custard slime and Kyrian's favourite was definitely the Strawberry cheesecake medley. The scent of the strawberry slime was very sweet and nice and the texture was like the real dessert:) We want to thank all our subscribers for their support and we also want to say a massive thank you to Jerome,Micheal and their mum for collaborating with us and sending us great scented slime for review. We really appreciate them and their great dedication to their wonderful slime shop JEMSSLIMESANDMORE which will open very soon. Do you have a child who loves playing with slime? Please don't hesitate to contact JeMsplaytime on Instagram @JeMs Playtime and/or email them at: Editing software used: Movavi plus.
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May 25, 2020
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