four cows and lion story

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four cows and lion story

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Once there were four cows
Who were good friends
They were always together
So a lion found it difficult to attack them
I should do something to put an end to their unity
So he met cows, and said 
Do you know….
If you all together search for food you will not get enough  quantity food
So try different places there where lot of grains
Next day four cows tried different places for food
The lion, which was waiting for this chance
Lion Killed the Cow 
Next day
Another cow was alone
Lion Killed another Cow 
Next day
Now other two cows realized
Lion killed our friends.. so we should stay always together 
Ohhh….. They are together now they found my plan.
Let me leave the place

Moral of the story 

Unity is the Power
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Jul 23, 2019
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