The Return Ep. 5 | Lusaka has more malls than hospitals!! | In'utu J. Mubanga | Small Youtuber

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This video is about #TheReturn Ep. 5 | #Lusaka has more #malls than hospitals!! | In'utu J. Mubanga | #SmallYoutuber Connect and chat with me via my socials - Thank you for your support! Who did my hair when I was in Lusaka? - DONATE to my Channel - Follow me on Twitter - Follow me on Instagram - Follow me on Pinterest - The In'utu J. Mubanga Blog - https://theinutujmubangablog.blogspot... Subscribe to my Youtube Channel - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- lusaka city 2020, lusaka 2020, lusaka city center, lusaka city video, lusaka CBD, lusaka zambia 2020, lusaka buildings, lusaka by drone, Lusaka by car, lusaka city views, Lusaka city sights and sounds, lusaka architecture, Lusaka road network, lusaka roads, lusaka zambia aerial view, lusaka aerial view, lusaka city 2019, lusaka city decongestion project, lusaka decongestion project, lusaka city market zambia, lusaka drone, drone footage lusaka, lusaka city center, lusaka city zambia, lusaka construction, lusaka , Great North Road, Kabanana , Kabangwe police post , Architect Russell
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Mar 15, 2020
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