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Adam Maitland and his wife Barbara are a resident couple of Winter River, Connecticut. The couple decides to spend their holidays decorating their huge mansion at the top of the hill, but on their way back to their hardware store in town, the couple tries to divert a dog's car and have an accident falling off the river. When they return home, they do not remember how they came back, and when Adam tries to retrace his steps to find out how they arrived, they end up in the desert of Saturn where they find a giant sand snake trying to attack them.

Returning home, the Maitland discovers a book titled "Handbook for the Recently Deceased," making them realize they have died. The couple soon learns that Barbara's brokerage sister sold the house to the Deetz, a family of New York yuppies. The family consists of the quiet-looking businessman Charles, his sculptural, neurotic wife Delia, and Lydia, the teenage gothic daughter misunderstood by her father and stepmother. Adam and Barbara decide to expel the Deetz, but since they cannot be seen by the living, their attempts have no effect.

They then decide to go to the underworld for help and that the place is marked by bureaucracy with a huge waiting room. After getting a password and being called, they are told that they have to spend 125 years at their home trying to scare the Deetz. After unsuccessful attempts (which only make Lydia aware of them and befriend the couple), Adam and Barbara decide to break the supervisory laws and ask for help from a charlatan, crook, morbid ghost who calls himself "autonomous bio-exorcist." and specializes in scaring the living.

His name is "Beetlejuice" (In Brazil, "Besouro Suco") and to hire his services you need to pronounce his name three times.

From there several unexpected situations start to happen and the Maitland will realize the real intentions of Besouro Suco and decide to go back to hiring the ghost, but now it's late and the ghost is already getting ready and wreaking havoc on everyone's life in the house.
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Oct 30, 2019
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