Mero Ramailo Tihar! Best moment of Tihar (Bhai Tika 2076)!! Happy Tihar!!!

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Mero Ramailo Tihar! Best moment of Tihar (Bhai Tika 2076)!! Happy Tihar!!! Tiharai Aayo!!! Tihar is the five days celebration in Yama Panchak. Tihar is the most celebrated festival after Dashain in Nepal. It is a five day festival celebrated in late autumn. It has its unique ways of celebration. Bhai -Tika, the last day of the festival yet special among all. Tihar is popularly known for Bhai-Tika. Bhai Tika is typical Nepali culture. That does not mean other days of the festival are not important, they are equally important as well but Bhai-Tika is special. Generally, Bhai-Tika is a tradition where a sister worships their brothers and get a gift from their brothers in return. Sisters apply tika to the forehead of their brothers to thank them for all their love and support and to protect them from the bad. Tihar popular also as Deepawali is one of the major Hindus festivals. It is also considered as ‘Festival of Lights’ since the city and the houses are decorated with lights beautifully. Along with other lights, traditional Neapli lamp made of clay is filled with oil and twisted cottons dipped in the bowl to light it. Sam Loves Toys. Join Sam Toys Crazy to see him play with toys and Learning & doing manythings with innocent child attitude.... #bhaitika #Tihar #Vaitika
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Dec 19, 2019
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