88-Keys feat. Mac Miller & Sia - That's Life (Audio)

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And I can never sleep at night
Fuck paying bills I need a brand new lease on life
Why does doing wrong always feel so right?
Well I guess fuck it that’s life

I know it seem a little bit strange sometimes
Yea Yea
Everybody live a little everybody die
Yea Yea
But that’s life
What ya gonna do?
That’s Life
Baby I would spend it all with you

[Bridge lyrics (Sia)]
Wish I could take all your pain
But when the toxin is fame
The drugs they don't fill the hole 
nah, connections the game
I wish you'd picked up the phone
Knew that I'd be your home 
Knew that you weren't alone 
Knew that you weren't alone

[Chorus (Sia)]
I saw you act a little bit strange sometimes, you'd say
Everybody lives and everybody dies,  one day
Well that's right, watcha gonna do
I wish, you coulda spent it on the truth yeah 

Some days we gonna live some days we gonna die
Some days we gonna live some days we gonna die

I would have carried you
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Jul 18, 2019
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