Solar System Song for kids to Learn with Play-doh planets by Milton!!!

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Hi Friends! Please subscribe+like+share+comment! Milton The Explorer describes the solar system for kids by singing the solar system song! Milton makes Play-doh Planets! Explains the planets in our solar system, great to learn and play for all children. Thank you for watching! xoxo #solarsystem #nurserrhymes #miltontheexplorer Please hit the Like ???????? button and hit the notification ???? Bell! Sun - The yellow sun is the biggest star in the solar system and it takes 8 minutes to reach the earth. Mercury is the closest to the sun Venus is the hottest and Brightest Earth is where we live and its mostly covered by water Mars is the red planet Jupiter is the largest planet Saturn has rings Uranus is a very cold planet Neptune is a windy planet Moon is the second brightest object in the sky after the sun Please subscribe to see more of Milton The Explorer @ Get Social and Follow Milton The Explorer: On Facebook: On Instagram: On Twitter:
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Oct 22, 2019
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