Learn Mandarin Chinese the fun way for kids with An ni lao shi

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WHO says learning Mandarin can't be FUN? Well, NOT with me! Hello everyone! I am An ni lao shi. I have been teaching Mandarin to toddlers and preschoolers using a progressive teaching approach, in which I have greatly observed that by using this teaching approach, my students shows more enthusiasm and interest in wanting to learn the Mandarin language. I wasn't able to experience this when I was a child because I grew up learning Mandarin with the traditional teaching approach (and I bet dear parents and adults who have experienced this -- it was NEVER FUN! ) SO with these personal and teaching experiences, I was inspired to make my own youtube channel to be able to teach and share my ideas on how to make learning Mandarin fun and interactive. And all I wanted to say is -- LEARNING should be FUN! :)

Let us learn and have fun learning Mandarin Chinese through arts and crafts activity! Let's see, what concepts where you able to learn from this video?
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Aug 21, 2019
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