Coronavirus Activities and Experiments for Kids | Coronavirus Prevention Measures

video description
In this video Peppy Prisha is explaining how to keep safe from Coronavirus using various activities and experiments for kids.
This video emphasises on: washing hands regularly, covering mouth while sneezing/coughing, limiting physical contact, and to visit doctor immediately when sick.
Video covered 5 very basic experiments that one can try at home to explain the same to kids:
- Why washing hand with Soap?
- Why to avoid physical contact?
- Why &  how to cover mouth while sneezing/coughing?
- How to wash hand?
- What to do if you are sick?

❦❦❦❦ lyrics ❦❦❦❦
Wash, wash, wash your hand,
wash those germs away.
Soap and water does the trick,
To keep them all away.
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Mar 15, 2020
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