ABC learn english with Elmo and Thalia! For Kids Disney sesame street Elmo on the go letters!

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Hi Friends, please subscribe+like+share+comment! Learn the alphabet - abc for all Kids with Elmo and Thalia! The English Alphabet is the building blocks of literary. In this video Thalia using the Disney Sesame Street Elmo puzzle on the go letters. This educational video teaches the ABC letters using different objects that are fun to learn. Elmo's on the Go letters: Alphabet puzzle for Kids! Thank you for watching! xoxo #thalia #alphabet #elmo Please hit the Like ???????? button and hit the notification ???? Bell! ABC video, Thalia uses different objects to identity the letters: A is for Apple B is for Big Bird C is for Chocolate D is for Dog (T-rex) her puppy E is for easter egg F is for Fish G is for Goldfish H is for Hulk and he loves to smash I is for Ice cream J is for Jet Plane K is for Ketchup L is for legos M is for Minnie Mouse N is for Nose O is for Owlette P is for Playdoh Q is for Quarters R is for Robat, Batman S is for Shoe T is for toy U is for Uno Cards V is Voice W is Wonder Woman X is for X-ray Y is for yellow dot marker Z is for Zebra stamp Thalia’s Fun Page youtube channel aims to entertain and educate babies, toddlers, preschoolers and children of all ages to learn, the ABC’s, colors, shapes, animals, numbers, science and much more. Thalia plays with all Disney Toys, Minnie Mouse, Hot Wheels, Thomas, Mega Bloks, Lego, Duplo, Marvel, Hulk and Sesame Street! Please support Thalia’s channel by liking, subscribing and sharing! Subscribe to be the first to see all future videos! Subscribe, click here: Get Social and Follow Thalia Fun page: On Facebook: On Instagram: On Twitter - Check out Thalia's brother at Milton The Explorer:
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Oct 30, 2019
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