A For Apple B For Ball C For Cat D For Dog Song by Shaan | Preschool Learning Videos | ABCD Rhymes

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A For Apple B For Ball C For Cat D For Dog Nursery Rhyme by Shaan is a preschool/kindergarten song which will helps kids and small children learn alphabets from A to Z in a fun and an entertaining way.

A for Apple
B for Ball
C for Cat
D for Dog
E for Egg
F for Fan
G for Gun
H for Hen
I for Ink Pot
J for Jug
K for King
L for Lion
M for Monkey
N for Nest
O for Ox
P for Parrot
Q for Queen
R for Rabbit
S for Song
T for Train
U for Umbrella
V for Vase
W for Watch
X for X-mas
Y for Yacht
Z for Zebra
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Aug 25, 2019
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